CKDM: Craig Keen Despatie Markell LLP

Assurance Services

CKDM provides a full range of assurance services designed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of financial information for use by investors, creditors, and shareholders.

Audit Engagements

A financial audit provides an expression of opinion on the fair presentation of financial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

At CKDM, we employ a modern, risk-based approach to auditing. We use a combination of internal control testing, substantive verification, and analytical review to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. Beyond allowing us to form an opinion on the fair presentation of financial information, these insights also allow us to make appropriate recommendations to management regarding the improvement of internal controls, business practices and financial performance.

Review Engagements

Review engagements offer a moderate degree of assurance compared to an audit. Reviews provide valuable insight into your operations, while meeting the reporting needs of most investors, lenders and shareholders. A review consists of inquiry and discussions with management as well as in-depth analytical review designed to satisfy the reviewer that the financial statements are free of any material misstatements and conform to Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.

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